Focus Areas of Data Governance
For more information about Focus Areas, visit the Guidance by Gwen section on "Establishing Focus"

Data Governance always exists to meet specific organizational needs. Depending on what those needs are, the scope and focus of a program will vary. Here are descriptions of different focus areas or "flavors'" for Data Governance programs.
Getting Started
- Defining Governance
- Demonstrating Value
- Establishing Focus
- Funding Models
- Setting Goals & Principles
- Starting a Program
- Defining Program Phases

Organizations and Accountabilities
- Assigning Data Ownership
- Working With Data Stewards
- Working With Governance Models
- Defining Organizational Structures
- Establishing a Data Governance Office

Processes and Alignments
- Aligning Efforts
- Communicating
- Dealing with Politics
- Engaging Stewards and Stakeholders
- Implementing Change Management
- Decision-Making
- Resolving Issues

Focus Areas: Flavors of Data Governance
- Policy, Standards, Stategy
- Data Quality
- Privacy, Compliance, Security
- Architecture Integration, Analysis
- Data Warehouse BI
- Management Alignment

Much of Gwen's work is based on the
Data Governance Institute's
DGI Data Governance Framework

- About the Framework

- Framework FAQs
- Full-page framework chart
- Framework Components
  1. Mission
  2. Goals, Metrics, Success Measures, Funding Strategies
  3. Rules: Policies and Definitions
  4. Decision Rights
  5. Accountabilities
  6. Controls
  7. Data Stakeholders
  8. A Data Governance Office
  9. Data Stewards
  10. Governance Processes

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