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Congratulations to Sallie Mae’s Chief Data Steward!

Barbara Deemer, Chief Data Steward at Sallie Mae, has been named the winner of the First Annual Data Stewards Day “Stewie” award, announced on 10.11.11. (Get it the humor in the date?)

Nominated for her ability to combine a great wealth of information with a great personality, Barbara is described by the judges as a “one-woman powerhouse when it comes to business data”. October 11th is now the official International Data Stewards Day, with the Stewie Awards brought to you by DataFlux and judged by a panel of independent analysts from The Data Roundtable.

Thanks, DataFlux, for kicking this off. Thanks to all the organizations who nominated their unsung data heroes for this award. Thanks to the judges. And thanks, Barb, for being you!

On a personal note, we at the Data Governance Institute could not be prouder. We had the priviledge of helping the inimitable Michele Koch as she developed Sallie Mae’s Data Governance program five years ago. more...

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